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ZON Lusomundo Cinemas completes digital roll-out with Barco

test 16 June 2010
ZON Lusomundo Cinemas completes digital roll-out with Barco

Barco has announced that ZON Lusomundo Cinemas, the largest cinema chain in Portugal, has completed its digital cinema deployment with Barco’s recently launched DP2K series.

ZON Lusomundo has converted all of its screens to digital with the help of digital cinema service company XDC, who are headquartered in Liege, Belgium. With 30 multiplexes and over 200 screens, ZON Lusomundo Cinemas is the leader in the Portuguese digital cinema market. In 2009, the company started its conversion to digital with Barco’s DP series. This year, as part of the second phase of this roll-out, XDC installed Barco’s new DP2K-C series in ZON Lusomundo’s theatres. The DP2K-C series is a line of compact digital cinema projectors, based on TI’s 0.98in DLP Cinema chip, developed for small and mid-size theatres with screens ranging from 12 to 20 metres.

“We strive to offer our clients a future-proof digital cinema projector tailored to their needs,” said Wim Buyens, vice president of Barco’s digital cinema division. “To be chosen by important exhibitors, like ZON Lusomundo confirms that our customers appreciate our efforts.”

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