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Zero Creative joins PRI

Ian McMurray 16 June 2011
Zero Creative joins PRI

Netherlands-based Zero Creative, which works in the field of value-added 3D, has become a member of the Platt Retail Institute (PRI). As a member, Zero Creative says that it will contribute valuable know-how regarding profitable 3D and interactive applications for marketing purposes.

"We are pleased that Zero Creative has chosen to align itself with PRI’s international range of clients and contacts by joining the institute," said Steven Keith Platt, PRI director and research fellow.

The founders of Zero Creative started their business in 2005. In the past six years, the company says that it has collected knowledge, network and performed all the R&D necessary to make its vision reality, enabling it to offer what it describes as a full, future-proof 3D digital signage solution. This solution includes its own naked-eye xyZ 3D Displays, a comprehensive 3D digital signage platform, 3D interactivity (touch and touch-less), and 3D animation and 3D conversion. Zero Creative will start contributing its knowledge in these fields to PRI and its members.

"We believe the future of digital signage is both 3D and interactive," said Zero Creative’s Jean-Pierre van Maasakker (pictured). "Our membership in PRI will help solidify our global position in 3D."

PRI is a worldwide company specilaising in research and consulting to retailers, media companies, financial institutions, hardware, software, transmission, and other business enterprises seeking to impact the customer in-store experience. PRI serves as a knowledge bridge between the academic world and industry, by synergising the wealth of knowledge being produced at the university level with the need for more advanced, yet practical, business research and insight at the customer level.

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