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Yamaha LS9 at iconic London museum

David Davies 26 September 2011
Yamaha LS9 at iconic London museum

Cultural artefacts drawn from hundreds of nations and more than 2000 years of history populate London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, which has just been the subject of a new audio installation.

Specified and installed by Edinburgh-based Audio Light Systems as one component of a complete renoation of the museum’s Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, the Yamaha equipment comprises an LS9-16 digital mixing console with MY16-ES64 interface card, an SB168-ES stage box and a Blu-ray player.

Stephen Dishon from Audio Light Systems explained: “We were trying to get a balance between being able to quickly set the desk up for everyday events, whilst also having the ability to do more complex shows. There was also only a small area in which the desk could sit. We looked at products from a range of manufacturers. With the analogue tie lines and the SB168-ES over a local network, we had the ability to expand the inputs without the need for a bigger desk. So the Yamaha solution was ideal.”

As well as the Blu-ray player, feeds to the console’s local inputs include four radio microphones and a stereo input from a laptop.

Audio Light Systems’ engineers initially programmed a couple of scenes in the LS9, which are adequate for most eventualities while the programme for the refurbished theatre is established. Further scenes for more complex events can be programmed in due course.

Summing up, the Museum’s AV technician said the technical team was only “scratching the surface of what the system can do”, adding the ability to store settings is “really useful; instantly recalling my own settings saves a lot of work. I love the graphic EQ and the way you can use the faders to control it, and I really look forward to investigating the effects and deeper functions as we use it more. It gives us massive potential.”

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