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Yamaha launches mixer/power amp duo for small to medium installs

Paddy Baker 20 May 2014
Yamaha launches mixer/power amp duo for small to medium installs

Yamaha has added two new products to its Commercial Installation Solutions division line-up: the MA2030 digital mixer amplifier and PA2030 power amplifier. These cost-effective units are designed to operate in tandem in small-to-mid sized two-zone systems – such as in the retail, food and drink trades. Alternatively, the MA2030 can be operated as a standalone unit for a single-zone system, such as in a lecture room, boardroom or a smaller retail outlet.

“Since we introduced the CIS series, users have been asking for a compact, flexible and highly cost-effective mixer/amplifier for smaller systems which don’t require the higher-end facilities of the MTX series matrix processors and XMV series power amplifiers,” said Chihaya ‘Chick’ Hirai, Yamaha Pro Audio PA manager. “The MA2030 and PA2030 are a solution to answer those requests, but which don’t compromise on the quality or reliability which are a Yamaha hallmark.”

Yamaha describes the products’ control panels as “deceptively simple”, enabling fast set-up and straightforward daily operation.

The MA2030 features powerful DSP functions for the background music market, including a feedback canceller, ducker and auto leveller. The mixer amp sports two microphone inputs, one on an XLR/6.3mm combi jack and a Euroblock connector, plus three stereo inputs – two for RCA plugs and one for a stereo 3.5mm plug. A pair of RCA line outputs connect the MA2030 to the PA2030, while both units feature barrier strip loudspeaker outputs.

Both models feature a Class D amplifier circuit, delivering 30W into two channels at 3 or 4 ohms (selectable), or 60W into one channel at 70V/100V line. The fanless design keeps noise and power consumption to a minimum and the units are designed to precisely match Yamaha’s CIS series loudspeakers.

Each is 1U high and a half rack unit wide, allowing them to be mounted side by side using the optional RKH1 rackmount kit. An optional Yamaha DCP1V4S wall-mounted controller can be connected to the MA2030 via a Cat5e cable.

The new products will make their global trade show debut at PALM 2014 in Beijing, China on 26-29 May, with production due to start around the same time.

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