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Yamaha EN54-24 speakers provide single solution for airport PA-VA system

Duncan Proctor 9 December 2015

Yamaha EN54-24 certified VXC4-VA loudspeakers have been chosen to add high quality background music to the PA-VA system in Billund Airport, Denmark.

Billund Airport was opened in 1964 and has been continually expanded and upgraded ever since. Today, it is the main airport in western Denmark and handles significant tourist traffic to the nearby Legoland theme park.

When the airport’s management wanted to add background music to the terminal’s PA-VA system in the departure lounge, duty free and other shopping areas, they were concerned that it would not be possible with just one type of loudspeaker. But Pro-Partner AV Solutions A/S, a Danish specialist in large-scale voice evacuation systems, were confident Yamaha’s EN54-24 certified VXC4-VA loudspeaker would be the answer.

Pro-Partner quickly arranged a demo of the VXC4-VA at the airport, which confirmed they were the right choice. A total of 60 Yamaha loudspeakers provide audible and visual benefits and are now used for all announcements and alerts, as well as background music.

“The system can be programmed to provide background music as well as announcements, a facility that the airport wanted to take advantage of and, because they are an integral part of the voice evacuation system, the loudspeakers needed to be EN54-24 certified,” said Pro-Partner’s Kasper Christensen.

“As well as delivering improved sound quality and smooth, even coverage from an EN54-24 certified speaker, the VXC4-VA has dramatically improved the appearance of the airport’s ceiling. Fewer loudspeakers could be installed because it no longer needs multiple types for evacuation, announcements and music.”

Kasper concluded: “The airport’s management is very happy with the Yamaha solution. Updates of further airport areas are planned and the VXC4-VA will be the loudspeaker of choice. Indeed as a company we are very happy to use the VXC and VXS ranges whenever we need EN54-24 certified speakers.”

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