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Yamaha on the battle of networking protocols

Jo Ruddock 17 July 2014
Yamaha on the battle of networking protocols

We talk to Yamaha Commercial Audio about the latest trends in networking and ask whether consensus will ever be reached.

How well do you think the capabilities (and limitations) of the current array of networking protocols  are understood by the average AV integrator? (Do you have any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to back this up?)

Like any professional, if an audio integrator does not fully understand something about audio networking, they will ask, add that knowledge to their skill set and will know in future.

Do you believe that open systems are always to be preferred over proprietary ones, or is there something to be said for proprietary solutions designed for specific needs?

Proprietary systems are important for specific needs, because they will sometimes be the best solution. However, it is vital that they allow for the integration of other protocols where necessary.

Do you think there will be an eventual ‘winner’ in the battle of networking protocols, or do you think that different approaches will always need to be taken in different vertical sectors?

The requirements of every audio system are unique. In individual cases, certain audio networking protocols are more suitable than others. Yamaha has embraced Dante in our CL, QL, Nuage and CIS hardware, but we understand that other networking protocols will continue to be developed and used. Hence the remarkable success of the MY series interface cards, which allow users to seamlessly use all of the major networking protocols in conjunction with Yamaha digital hardware.

How far away do you think we are from total multi-vendor plug-and-play interoperability?

Yamaha already effectively offers this. As mentioned above, MY series interface cards allow users of Yamaha digital systems to seamlessly work with all the major audio networking protocols and, therefore, interoperate with equipment from other manufacturers.

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