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Xilica to launch numero Uno

James McGrath 23 January 2013
Xilica to launch numero Uno

Uno, an apps-based DSP, is being launched by Xilica. The company claims it bridges the gap between fixed-architecture and open-architecture type processors. 
 Uno has been designed with Xilica’s 40 Bit Floating Point DSP Engine in mind, and is intended for fixed audio installations where simplified network connectivity is a priority. Users are able to download a number of pre-designed DSP apps from Xilica’s apps library straight onto Uno, eliminating the need for any programming skills. 
 Each app has DSP modules specific to the pre-designed application and in a specific fixed order. The user can then adjust the parameters of each DSP module using the included NeuConsole software GUI to complete the system processing.
 Users can control Uno via Ethernet using the NeuConsole Software GUI with the logic input/relay output ports, using optional NeuPanel Series mini and touch wall controls; or any third party controller. Uno also provides auto-connection of all devices on the network (in DHCP mode).
 Uno is available in four I/O configurations: 8×8 (Uno U-0808); 8×16 (Uno U-0816); 16×8 (Uno U-1608); and 16×16 (Uno U-1616). Each model comes with mic/line input selection per input, 48v phantom power, and high-quality mic pre-amps.

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