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World’s first IP-based video distribution system ships

test 8 May 2007

A specialist developer of networked entertainment systems and technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), NetStreams is now shipping a suite of products for IP-based video distribution that are said to offer seamless integration and plug-and-play compatibility with other DigiLinX multi-room entertainment products.


With the growth of HD sources and displays, customer acceptance of video quality has shifted dramatically. Yet traditional methods of distributing video have not kept up with these changing expectations – until now. NetStreams is the first company in the world to introduce IP-based, uncompressed video distribution for multi-room entertainment.


The company recently demonstrated a new encoder, decoder, and gigabit Ethernet switch, which allow streaming HD video content from multiple sources to multiple displays on an IP-based network. The new devices send uncompressed HDTV-quality video signals to multiple displays and are compatible with legacy video sources such as VHS, DVD, and D-VHS, the newer Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, as well as being future-compatible with native IP-based video sources such as IPTV.


"NetStreams was the first company to deliver high-performance, multi-room IP-based audio and control over networks with its DigiLinX line of products," comments Kevin Reinis, President and CEO of NetStreams.


"We have now invested a lot in IP video technology and plan to take the leadership position with video too. With entertainment, communication and control quickly migrating to networked solutions using IP based technology, we see an opportunity like never before for custom installers to derive additional revenues for services and integration and we intend on being the major supplier of IP Based solutions in this market."


"As the exclusive distributor for NetStreams products in the UK, we are very excited to introduce their IP Video offering," adds Peter Alloway, Invision UK Sales Manager.



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