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World famous opera house selects Trilogy intercom

David Davies 3 August 2011
World famous opera house selects Trilogy intercom

The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, has chosen Trilogy Communications’ latest Gemini intercom system to replace its existing communications infrastructure within the backstage and auditorium areas.

Trilogy will work in close partnership with the Royal Opera House to ensure that the system is tailored to meet its needs. The installation will include a combination of standard, touch and custom engineered operator panels, as well as alternate power supplies to allow operation on the Opera House’s existing DC electrical supply.

Gemini’s architecture is built on the concept of a de-centralised, scalable platform of 32 port matrices, each with IP connectivity. The 20 kHz audio performance is preserved both internally and over a Gemini network of up to 256 ports using the proprietary High Speed Link (HSL) over standard Cat 5 or fibre connections.

This approach is said to eliminate the single point of failure, and combined with both the use of a dual redundant ring of audio and IP failsafe routing, ensures that Gemini delivers ultra resilient performance.

By employing Gemini’s IP interfacing, a network can be expanded ‘almost limitlessly’ in terms of system size and geographic location via LAN, WAN or Satellite.

John Sparrow, senior sales engineer at Trilogy, commented: “This is a prestigious installation for Trilogy and we are delighted to be able to work alongside the Opera House staff to create a system that carries them forward into the future.”

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