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World class audio for world skating venue

David Davies 29 March 2011
World class audio for world skating venue

Opened in grand style recently with the speed-skating Single Distances World Championships, the Max Aicher Arena in Inzell features an audio system based around Dynacord and Electro-Voice technology.

Previously an open-air stadium, the facility has been converted into a futuristic indoor venue over the past 18 months at a cost of 36 million euros.

The Parkstetten-based firm of TRE Professionelle Audiotechnik was responsible for the installation of the sound reinforcement system in the renovated stadium. Coping with low ambient temperatures inside the hall and ensuring a high level of intelligibility were among the requirements with which TRE had to grapple.

“The system we were asked to provide had to offer homogeneous and high-quality sound reinforcement as well as multiple input stations,” said TRE MD Robert Ernst. “Furthermore, the complex had to be subdivided into discrete sound reinforcement segments.”

With the help of simulation software, TRE’s planners were able to determine the ideal loudspeaker configuration for the arena.

“It became clear that loudspeakers from Dynacord and Electro-Voice were capable of outperforming their competitors by a wide margin, as well as offering far better value for money,” said Ernst.

To provide even coverage throughout the new complex, 89 Electro-Voice Sx600 loudspeakers were installed. Power comes from 12 Dynacord DSA 8 x 500W amplifiers.

“The acoustic properties and weatherproof cabinets of the Sx600 loudspeakers have already vindicated their selection in numerous similar venues,” said Ernst. “But our personal favourites in this installation are the powerful Dynacord amplifiers, which are remarkable for their compact format, low closed-circuit current and excellent audio characteristics.”

The solution adopted in Inzell, as in many other modern sports stadiums and arenas worldwide, is a combined sound reinforcement (for musical material) and voice alarm system (for evacuation in case of emergency). The centrepiece of the digital evacuation and voice alarm system is the Dynacord Promatrix 4000, with control and supervision of the entire audio installation performed by two Dynacord P64-1500 audio system controllers.

In addition, an outdoor Party Zone features a system comprising Electro-Voice XLD281 line array elements, flown Electro-Voice XS212 subwoofers and ground-stacked Electro-Voice Xsubs to reinforce the low frequencies. These were complemented by Xi1152A/64F loudspeakers for the near-field. The entire installation was powered by Electro-Voice TG7 power amplifiers equipped with RCM26 modules, remote-supervised and controlled from the FOH position via IRIS-Net.

The sound reinforcement in this area was overseen by Stubenberg-based audio form MSE-Tontechnik.

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