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WorksZone designed to enhance productivity

Paddy Baker 7 September 2011
WorksZone designed to enhance productivity

TeamMate, a specialist manufacturer of technical furniture, has launched WorksZone, a flexible working or learning environment designed to increase productivity and encourage collaboration. An integrated structure that is fully movable, WorksZone comprises a sculpted tabletop in a choice of colour or finishes, with provision for additional audio and video devices – along with hidden tamperproof cables and self-contained power management.  
The UK-manufactured WorksZone is highly versatile: each installation can be fine tuned to that particular customer’s requirement. For example a rotating input module in the centre of the table can be specified, allowing any type of peripheral to be connected but disappearing out of sight when not needed. There is a built-in mounting system for single- or dual-screen display, ideal for videoconferencing, or information collaboration. A touchscreen can be embedded in the tabletop.

The concept originated within TeamMate’s own offices, where MD David Botting noticed his engineers struggling to find a suitable regular meeting space to work on product development and new ideas. Two old TeamMate units were cut up, a sleek red tabletop added and the problem was solved. Botting saw that the idea could be developed commercially.   Botting explained: “Most learning and presentation spaces are designed for teacher or presenter led delivery. By that I mean that information or knowledge travels in one direction. The WorksZone promotes the flow of ideas by helping people access and share information. Everyone has an equal opportunity to get involved with effective collaboration and contribution.”   Botting is seeing demand for the product from higher education establishments. He said: “Changes are taking place in the way universities deliver learning. Open learning spaces are being developed, students are working in small groups in break-out areas, and the remote delivery of lectures is growing. Increasingly, students need to work together and collaborate on projects. WorksZone addresses these fundamental shifts in behaviour.”

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