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Wondrous Wimborne: Dorset install for Audica

David Davies 14 September 2011
Wondrous Wimborne: Dorset install for Audica

Future Media Systems has installed Audica Professional MICROpoint loudspeakers at Wimborne Minster, Dorset, after the church requested a high quality yet visually discreet sound solution.

A flat panel loudspeakers system previously employed in the church did not intrude on the buildings aesthetics, but its wide dispersion in the highly reverberant space gave low perceived quality. As a result, Christchurch-based Future Media Systems was asked to propose an alternative solution that needed to offer high quality reproduction of speech and light music throughout the whole church, as well as be visually discreet and easy to use. The company turned to Audica Professional MICROpoint loudspeakers to provide a core component of

The loudspeakers are wired in four zones, to allow for flexible use of the church, with an Ecler MAP4/4000R 4-channel 2U amplifier providing power. As cables could not be channeled into the building’s fabric, to allow the use of thinner loudspeaker cables Future Media Systems wired the system as high impedance, with custom-made matching transformers. An active subwoofer enhances low frequency reproduction, principally for use when playing recorded organ music.

All mixing, EQ, compression and automatic mixer function are provided by a Biamp Nexia DSP while, for ease of control, Future Media Systems has supplied a fully customised interface using a touchscreen. Meanwhile, a Biamp Volume 8/Select 8 control panel by the church door allows a verger to control some channel levels and recall scenes from that position, without having to access the touchscreen. Sennheiser evolution radio microphones are also part of the specification.

Luke Siemaszko, director of Future Media Systems, commented: “Audica Professional MICROpoint loudspeakers were a key feature in our winning bid. […] The key components of the system from my perspective were the MICROpoint loudspeakers, and the DSP and touchscreen for mixing and control. The MICROpoint loudspeakers give excellent reproduction and a discreet appearance at a reasonable price. We were required to fit the system without drilling into any ancient stonework, and the small size and weight of the MICROpoints allowed us to do this easily as we could drill the fixings into the grout between masonry blocks. Furthermore they were lovely to set up – the system EQ is almost flat. We put in a bit of cut at 230Hz to calm down a room resonance, and a bit of lift above 8kHz. Otherwise it’s completely flat and the resulting sound quality is excellent.”

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