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Williams offers assistance

test 6 December 2006

Williams Sound has announced details of its new infrared listening system – the WIR TX90. For use in cinemas, auditoriums, courtrooms, schools and other large room facilities that require hearing assistance and simultaneous interpretation, the two-channel WIR TX90 system combines modulator and emitter technology into a single operating unit. The WIR TX90 can transmit audio signals up to 2,600 sq m throughout a listening area when used with Williams Sound’s WIR RX12-4 receiver. Additional emitters can be connected to the unit for unlimited coverage.

SoundPlus infrared technology allows multiple WIR TX90 units to be installed in adjacent rooms without overlapping the signals – making it possible for several WIR TX90 systems to operate simultaneously in a single large facility. One of the main features of the WIR TX90 is its built-in application configuration control. With a single push of a button, the installer can set up the unit for the most common audio applications: voice, music, or hearing assistance. The WIR TX90 then configures itself to the optimal audio setting for that application.

"Installers will love the WIR TX90," says Mark Medcalf, Technical Product Manager at Williams Sound. "as the unit takes the guesswork out of complex audio installation. They just select the desired preset application – voice, music or hearing assistance – and they’re done." In cinema applications, the WIR TX90 can offer hearing assistance and also provide audio description for the visually impaired customer. As a two-channel system, it can transmit the audio for both simultaneously – with no additional equipment. The system integrates directly with the cinema’s audio processor – such Dolby’s Screentalk – and meets ADA and DDA government requirements for hearing assistance.


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