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WiFi alternative found in echoBox

James McGrath 18 May 2012
WiFi alternative found in echoBox

echoBox from Asheridge Communications is a new plug-and-play solution which enables a home’s TV aerial network to provide Ethernet connectivity.

The new adapter, which leverages MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) technology and connects to external devices by a standard Cat5e cable, uses existing shielded coax cables to transmit internet signals of up to 200Mbps to a maximum of 16 rooms in a home.

The company says the technology provides optimum internet strength and speed without the need for invasive rewiring. Signal quality remains in tact with echoBox’s PQoS (Parameterised Quality of Service) delivery model, where demands can be placed upon it in various rooms.

“This technology has been used in America for some time with approximately 80% of homes utilising a similar system for the delivery of cable TV. The existing coax network in the home provides a shielded (protected from interference) pathway for signal delivery; our echoBox allows installers to extract maximum potential from the coax’s capacity,” said Jason Dando, business development manager at Asheridge.

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