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Waterfall shows diminutive speaker at ISE

test 11 February 2010

The show proved itself to be the “right launching place” for the new loudspeaker concept, SERIO, which suits hi-fi and AV applications. The specification of the new loudspeaker includes: Waterfall’s Heatstream technology for “incredible levels of power handling”; an 8cm Atohm drive unit; three mounting options (on-wall, tabletop and stand-mount); and a trio of body colours (black, white and silver with matching grilles; orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles are also available).

Providing peak power of 150W and impedance of 8(mean)/4(min) ohm, SERIO weighs 2.2lb.

SERIO is also available in two packaged configurations: 2.1 for home audio and 5.1 for home cinema use. Both packages are supplied with Waterfall’s HF1 (High Force 1) compact active subwoofer, which offers 150W of on-board amplification delivered through a 9in bass driver.

Export manager Nadine Dewell told IE Residential: “We chose to launch our compact satellite at ISE as we knew it would be attracting attention from both the residential and the commercial integrators, and the success was beyond our expectations. Integrators seemed to have been waiting for an alternative to the standard commercial compact speakers; this was providing them with a clean-design mini satellite [and] a high-end audiophile alternative at a very competitive retail price. The teaming of SERIO with our HF1 Evo subwoofer was quite ‘hair-raising’. The choice of three aluminium body colours and magnetic grills was a definite plus to add ‘zest’ to any install. Again, ISE has proven itself as the right launching place for such a product.”

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