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Waterfall delivers latest loudspeaker concept

David Davies 22 September 2010
Waterfall delivers latest loudspeaker concept

Satellite speaker SERIO has been crafted for both hi-fi and AV applications, and comes with three mounting options: on-wall, tabletop and stand-mount.

The compact new product is available in three body colours: black, white and silver with matching grilles. Orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles are also available.

In addition to incorporating Waterfall’s patented Heatstream technology to enable “incredible” levels of power handling from a compact speaker unit, SERIO features an Atohm drive unit that can “efficiently dissipate enough heat for the high-power demands of high quality audio and intensive home cinema soundtracks”.

SERIO’s technical spec included peak power of 150 watts, impedance of 8 (mean) and 4 (min) Ohms, frequency response (+/- 3dB) of 180Hz to 20kHz, and weight per speaker of 1 Kg.

The speaker is also available in a packaged 2.1 configuration supplied with Waterfall’s HMF (High Force) compact active subwoofer, which features three Class D amplifiers (120W for the sub and 2 x 60W for the satellites).

All in all, Waterfall says that SERIO is able to offer “the ultimate in discrete, compact audio.”

Waterfall Audio’s Nadine Dewell told IE Residential: "SERIO is the typical minimalistic product which was called for in our range. Built in aluminium and glass, it has the same clear and natural Waterfall sonic signature, versatile fixing solutions and colour flexibility, all of these making it the perfect partner to any installation on a budget. Sales of SERIO have dramatically increased since its launch, especially in Europe, and now with the arrival of the new fully active 2.1 SERIO system, we expect to reach out to the ever-growing number of users of multimedia and multi-room music, [specifically] those who do not want to compromise on their sound quality, even on a tight budget! At this entry level price bracket, it is rare to find such quality in sound and finish, so we are expecting soaring sales in the next few months." (UK distributor)

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