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Walk in, work and win with the Ashton Bentley Challenge!

Jo Ruddock 27 January 2013
Walk in, work and win with the Ashton Bentley Challenge!

Ashton Bentley solutions allow for a complete system to be delivered to site in just a few boxes and then built and made operational within minutes, without the need for any tools. The Ashton Bentley Challenge (‘ABC’ for short) will give attendees an opportunity to get hands-on with the equipment to see just how quick and easy it is to assemble. Against the clock, the Challenge will pit two teams of two against each other in a race to build a complete integrated VC system on a raised area in the centre of the Ashton Bentley stand. Teams will be invited to sign up and participate to win a daily prize. Daily prizes of a Nintendo Wii U will be awarded to the quickest team, and an Apple iPAD mini will be awarded to the overall show winners.  A limited number of entries are available, with registration via the Ashton Bentley website  ( Several entries will be reserved each day for on-site registration, prior to 10:00 each day. ISE2013 will be the world launch of Ashton Bentley at Stand 7-W204.  

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