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Wake conference systems from standby with Sommer Cable’s Cardinal

Installation Staff 20 January 2015
Wake conference systems from standby with Sommer Cable's Cardinal

The Cardinal DVM 194 series has been launched – a cost-conscious modular range of devices to enable automated standby activation for conference and training room systems.

It can be used both as a fully closed system and as an open solution with free interfaces. The devices are intelligent and will recognise each other within the network. All devices can be fully assimilated into the IP environment, have a LAN link out for structured wiring – a built-in 2-port 100 Base-T switch – and are based on the same controller platform.

The use of variable instruction sets ensures full compatibility with most common devices on the market, said the company, as well as with large media controllers, building technology BUS systems, displays and beamers.

Set-up can be quickly achieved without programming skills through the integrated web interface.

Functions across multiple rooms or even buildings are very easy to programme, said the company. Sommer Cable suggested a typical scenario where the system could put all displays and beamers in an entire building into stand-by mode.

A pre-programmed plug and play solution is also available. Maintenance and surveillance can also be remotely controlled via this IP interface, which also facilitates a fast and efficient troubleshooting process.

The devices are mechanically fully compatible with DIN 41494 and can therefore be integrated into the company’s SYSBOXX housing system. A 2RU frame will accept up to four devices with an installation depth of 140mm.

The voltage supply for the entire Cardinal DVM 194 family can be established using 24V system power supplies, and can also be mounted into the SYSBOXX frame.

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