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W8LM is audio apex for Suffolk venue

David Davies 22 August 2011
W8LM is audio apex for Suffolk venue

A Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Array system has been installed at the recently opened apex multi-purpose venue in Bury St. Edmunds, UK. The system was specified to complement an increasing number of amplified rock and folk events.

Taking account of acoustic issues and the venue’s various configuration options, technical manager Tim Carr and W1 Productions’ Stuart Turvill devised a solution based around four W8L and two W8LM downfill boxes per side, with each hang supported by a pair of WMX hybrid bass pins. The Martin Audio fit-out also includes DD6s for balcony- and front-fill, along with six LE1200 floor monitors. System optimisation is achieved using the DX2 loudspeaker management system.

“It was a no brainer to recommend the W8LM in view of the price and performance,” said Turvill. “We rarely get the opportunity to fly the WMX subs — but in this case the design fitted nicely with the venue and it improved the coverage. As for the DD6s, Tim came up with these and it was a brilliant suggestion as their wide dispersion characteristics provide the perfect solution. A switch at the rear of the DD6 selects which cable pair drives the speaker — and to be able to flick the switch between pins 1 and 2, without cables running everywhere, is an extremely efficient solution. The speakers also sound very nice.”

“I always anticipated we would opt for the Martin Audio system,” said Carr, “not just because of the attractive price, but also the fact that having already heard the system I knew how much I liked it. It’s certainly proving very popular.”

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