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VTRON launches cloud-based visualisation solution

James McGrath 11 August 2014
VTRON launches cloud-based visualisation solution

Rear projection cube manufacturer and control room collaboration specialist VTRON has launched a new cloud-based visualisation solution which aims to streamline the data management in critical environments such as global commercial banking and finance applications.

Visulaisation Interactive Systems (VIS) integrates data from different sources – including video, RGB and IP signals – from different locations, displaying content on a large central videowall.

The company says its VIS is ideal for global commercial banks for their critical 24/7 operations; such as monitoring the usage of remote control room facilities in real-time to identify potential problems and respond in timely manner.

The solutions also enables bank branches to set up remote back-up sites through IP network. Via IP videos, operators at different locations can carry out information sharing, environmental and security monitoring in real-time to avoid time and waste of resources.

“VTRON’s VIS is flexible to be adopted in banking and finance applications and brings customers with 3 key benefits,” said Mark, Xie Mingming, vice president, general Manager of Information Visualisation BU, VTRON. “First, traditional finance BI can be visualised with integration of CIS system displaying heat map, radiation graphics, 3D data graphics. Second, VIS is able to integrate with customers’ existing systems to convert data into meaningful analysis for fast decision-making. Third, VIS is a cloud-based system, which allows top management to access the sources displayed on video wall in main control room in real-time with a mobile device anywhere, anytime to make command.”

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