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Void Acoustics provide 5,000W of power for VW pickup truck

Duncan Proctor 2 December 2014
Void Acoustics provide 5,000W of power for VW pickup truck

Volkswagen has introduced the new Amarok Power DJ Mobil pickup truck powered by Void Acoustics loudspeakers.

The concept is credited to edelmat, a German event company specialising in integrated concepts for technical projects and events. The audio components were installed by edelmat together with the design team from Void Acoustics and Void’s German distributor Event-Integrator.

“We listened carefully to the client and incorporated VW’s ideas into a functional design“, explained edelmat’s managing director and project manager Daniel Schaefers. “And of course throughout the discussions we also had to consider the demands of the DJs.”

Event-Integrator’s managing director, Jörg Sandmann added: “Our mission is to help realise the ideas and visions of our customers – planners, designers and DJs. This project allowed us to do things differently, and create a sophisticated sonic architecture in the form of an impressive vehicle where technology follows design. The cooperation between edelmat and the VW design team was a great example of perfect teamwork, and the result was an amazing DJ Mobil with a harmony of three factors: colours, experience and emotion.”

The Amarok was intended as a special innovation for professional DJs keen to emphasise high-quality equipment but stand out visually from typical DJ environments by being completely mobile. The sound system is totally self-contained, the power amplifiers are located in the cab; AC mains power is provided by a 16 A CEE connection panel in the vehicle chassis and the loudspeakers are housed within custom locations.

“We had fantastic support from the Void Acoustics design team, and Jörg Sandmann’s excellent product knowledge was immensely valuable. The result is an innovative Amarok Power vehicle with high-quality sound equipment and a unique design – and featuring 5,000W of output power,” said Schaefers.

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