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Vogel’s launches videoconferencing loudspeakers

Paddy Baker 17 October 2014
Vogel's launches videoconferencing loudspeakers

Vogel’s Professional has launched three new videoconferencing loudspeakers, which co-ordinate with its mounting solutions – especially the new connect-it series. The PVA 4206, PVA 4210 and PVA 4216 peakers have been especially developed for videoconferencing and for the natural reproduction of spoken sound.

The loudspeakers are equipped with a patented filter technology which is said to produce unparalleled, clear speech reproduction. Because of this special filter technology the sound reaches much deeper into the room than with conventional loudspeakers, even at low volumes.

The 40W built-in digital amplifier gives the speakers a powerful output. The PVA 4206 (60cm long) and PVA 4120 (100cm) both contain four drivers in a single point stereo configuration, while the PVA 4216 (160cm) contains eight, making it suitable for large videoconferencing set-ups.

In addition to the usual audio input, the built-in digital amplifier has an input port for RS232-485 communication. This makes it possible to operate and control the loudspeaker remotely in any installation.


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