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VITY launches new touch-panel range

test 10 November 2008

VITY Technology’s new TACTUM MXP is available in two sizes – 10in and 15in, reports David Davies. Developed for home and hotel control applications, the new wall touch panels arrive with IP, MBC Bus and RS-232 connection capabilities, and can be used to integrate loudspeakers, microphones, webcams and Ethernet hubs, among other components.


The wall touch panels also possess LAN ports for the connection of IP VITY controllers and other IP-oriented devices. They can also connect to the VITY LAN/KNX gateway, CUSTO LAN EIB, to command KNX systems such as lights, shutters and HVAC.


VITY Technology’s MikaÎl Fauconnier told II that MXP was "thought of and designed to facilitate integration of touch panels in the residential environment. In terms of hardware and software, they represent the heart of control of the house because they can connect to everything (intercom, KNX devices, video servers, internetÖ) and can be integrated very easily by installers. The price-points (less than Ä2,700 retail for the 15in) are also important factors."


Fauconnier expects the new products to register strong sales in both the medium-high and luxury house segments.


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