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Visual Productions appoints Svensk Ljussupport

Ian McMurray 13 June 2011
Visual Productions appoints Svensk Ljussupport

Visual Productions has announced the appointment of Svensk Ljussupport as its new Swedish distributor.

At the recent LLB show in Stockholm, Ljussupport launched the Cuelux software lighting controller with the aid of Visual Productions’ Maarten Donath.

“With new brands and products, we don’t like to take them on if we don’t believe in them,” said sales director Hakan Bergh of his choice to represent Visual Productions. “Visual Productions have a truly great range and we did not have to think twice when we saw the potential. Cuelux is 100% value for money and as a lighting tech you feel yourself at home right from the beginning. It’s not computer software for lighting control – it’s a lighting controller packaged as software. That’s a huge difference. Everyone that saw the demo at LLB was impressed: Cuelux is more than you think it could be!”

With stock in place and a great enthusiasm towards also representing the new CueCore when it is available in July, Zoe Castle, sales manager for Visual Productions said: “The enthusiastic response, technical support and fast reaction to our products leads us to believe that this partnership with Ljussupport will prove to be fun and productive for business in the Swedish market”.

Picture (L/R): Hakan Berg, Jan Simon, Daniel Palsson (Ljussupport), Maarten Donath (Visual Productions)

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