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Visual Acuity invests in placement for Architectural Technology student

Andrew Brister 22 February 2012
Visual Acuity invests in placement for Architectural Technology student

Visual Acuity has invested in a year-long work placement to Joe Casson, an Architectural Technology student from the University of Brighton. Joe Casson, 21, is working at the company’s global headquarters in Brighton, UK enhancing his academic studies with the real-world experience of being part of a leading technology consultancy practice. Blair Parkin, MD, Visual Acuity, comments: “As independent technology consultants we work very closely with architects, and the emerging discipline of Architectural Technology – which is the scientific study of design and construction, as opposed to Architecture, where the main focuses are the philosophy of space and aesthetics of design – is going to play a significant role in the evolution of our practice. “Having Joe in our office has already added a different dimension to the team, and in the months to come we expect that the transfer of knowledge between us will develop further.” Noel Painting, Casson’s course tutor at the University of Brighton, adds: “Having completed two years of his three-year course, Joe is now completing a year at Visual Acuity before returning to his academic studies. “When organising work placements such as this, we always try to add value to local businesses, and of course Visual Acuity has a great advantage here because the scope of their work is so wide, and covers such a range of different building projects in locations all over the world.” Casson himself concludes: “The few weeks at Visual Acuity have already been tremendously valuable in gaining direct experience to take back to my final year of study and ultimately the working world upon graduation. The office holds a great diversity of employees, and I feel very lucky to be ‘dabbling’ in some of the most innovative, modern and interesting building projects currently being designed. “I have been able to offer some insight into the building and materials side of technology integration as well as using software to give added design perspective in Visual Acuity’s projects. Hopefully these insights are benefitting the company as much as the placement is furthering me in my chosen career path in a competitive building design and construction industry.”

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