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Vidyo video comms used by Ebola patient

Paddy Baker 16 September 2014
Vidyo video comms used by Ebola patient

Vidyo is providing video communications for Ebola patient Dr Richard Sacra at the Biocontainment Patient Care Unit at the Nebraska Medical Center. Vidyo’s software-based visual communications platform plays a key role in connecting family members, physicians and nurses with Dr Sacra as his treatment continues in the isolation unit at the Center, the largest facility of its kind in the United States. (Dr Sacra is pictured here talking with his wife using the system.)

One of only four specialised units in the country, the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit is equipped to care safely for patients infected with highly contagious diseases, such as Ebola, and includes access to videoconferencing for patients.

“The Nebraska Medical Center is a highly innovative, state-of-the-art healthcare institution, that requires superior, dependable technology,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO, Vidyo. “Vidyo enables physician-to-physician collaboration, physician-to-patient consultation and patient-to-family connections, providing peace of mind and comfort when in-person visits are not possible. Our platform allows physicians to communicate with patients wherever they are: hospitals, nursing homes, remote clinics, home environments and now in biocontainment units.”

Vidyo describes itself as the video platform leader in healthcare, with more than 30% of the top 100 integrated delivery networks in the US having selected its platform to power their telemedicine applications. Via a rich suite of APIs, the VidyoWorks platform has become an integrated component of the healthcare ecosystem of workflow tools. Additionally, Vidyo’s multipoint HD video communication interoperates with existing conferencing infrastructure over a basic internet connection or wireless network.

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