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Videotree TV provides residential ‘wow’ factor

David Davies 28 September 2011
Videotree TV provides residential ‘wow’ factor

A recent renovation project in central London incorporated the installation of an in-wall 19” Videospa waterproof television from Videotree in the en-suite bathroom.

The extensive residential installation featured a multi-room AV controller at the heart of a system encompassing up to six rooms of audio and video sources, as well as zonal TV and audio control. Each room features an LED HD TV installation, including the master bedroom, en suite bathroom and large family kitchen.

To provide an additional ‘wow’ factor, the en-suite bathroom was fitted with an in-wall 19” Videospa waterproof TV from Videotree. The Videospa has a 19” LED true HD video panel and also offers touch control of all the basic functionality. Bespoke channel listings can be sent through the multiroom AV controller, which provides the client with a comprehensive TV facility.

In addition, a 27” Videotree Videochef water and ingredient-resistant TV was installed in the kitchen. As with Videospa, Videochef is able to be installed in-wall, meaning that the kitchen’s work surfaces are left uncluttered of TV hardware and cables. The toughened glass fascia provides a surface that can be easily wiped clean of any stray cooking ingredients, while ensuring that the build-up of grease and grime normally associated with kitchen TVs are minimised.

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