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Videochef joins waterproof TV family

David Davies 26 April 2011
Videochef joins waterproof TV family

The latest addition to the Videotree waterproof TV range is Videochef, a glass-fronted model designed specifically to be incorporated into the kitchen.

Available in 19”, 27” or 32” sizes, the HD IP LED TV has been designed to minimise impact on the user’s workspace. In the event that any cooking materials end up on the surface of the TV, the owner can simply wipe clean with a damp cloth once their preparations are concluded. And in addition to watching a variety of conventional TV content, it is also possible to access the web via Videochef’s computer monitor input.

An integrated DVB-T tuner and capacitive touch control are among the other features of the new launch, which is available in white, black gloss and mirror finishes.

Videochef designer Ian Rees told IE Residential: “The kitchen is at the heart of the contemporary home. It’s the focus of family life; a place where you can entertain your friends or have a peaceful moment to yourself. And of course, a modern kitchen is also a functional workspace, where you can cook, converse and relax, which can inspire you to get creative and produce amazing meals.

“With this in mind we have created Videochef, the latest member of the Videotree waterproof television family. Videochef was produced specifically as a built-in television system for the kitchen. Our new, true HD LED, glass-fronted waterproof television has been designed to be neatly augmented into the kitchen wall, freeing your working surface [from] the constrictions of cables and TV hardware.”

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