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VariHite Presenter launched

Ian McMurray 19 August 2011
VariHite Presenter launched

Specialist technical furniture manufacturer TeamMate has launched its latest fully mobile, self-contained stand for heavyweight flat panel displays, the VariHite Presenter.

Designed specifically to address the lack of mobility inherent in large format displays, the VariHite Presenter allows screens of up to 70” diagonal to be moved effortlessly from room to room. Supporting weights of up to 145kg, the fully loaded VariHite glides across carpeted areas and is slim enough to ease through normal doorways.

The VariHite features TeamMate’s ‘lift and lower’ technology which ensures the screen can always be positioned at the optimal height for whoever is presenting. Once fully lowered, it’s ready to be moved to its next destination. And whilst totally mobile, once in the desired position, the VariHite Presenter is said to be absolutely secure.

The integrated rack means there is plenty of room to allow additional audio visual equipment to be simply connected and become part of the self-contained presentation solution. It can also accommodate SMART’s collaborative solutions, allowing dispersed staff to meet remotely via data conference.

“Space is an expensive resource,” said Jeremy Stewart, TeamMate’s sales and marketing director. “Meeting rooms that are used once or twice a week are becoming a luxury many organisations can no longer justify. The dilemma though, is that equipment complexity is increasing and displays are becoming larger. What VariHite does is allow a fully specified meeting room to be created in any available space in a matter of minutes.”

Stewart sees applications for the VariHite Presenter in higher education, corporate and public sector environments. “In keeping with the rest of the TeamMate range, the design is aesthetically pleasing, blending perfectly into corporate surroundings,” he said. “But the VariHite is also durable and tough enough to stand up to the more demanding needs of the education sector. And with public sector spending being squeezed, the economic benefits make it a perfect solution for incident rooms and command centres.”

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