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InfoComm 2014: Vaddio’s teaser videos for RoboSHOT PTZ camera

Paddy Baker 14 June 2014
InfoComm 2014: Vaddio's teaser videos for RoboSHOT PTZ camera

Ahead of the product’s launch at InfoComm, Vaddio has created a series of tongue-in-cheek videos to promote its new RoboSHOT camera.

In Part 1, RoboSHOT is unveiled as the industry’s first tri-synchoronous robotic PTZ camera – it can pan, tilt and zoom simultaneously and repeatedly. However, evil engineers from a rival corporation want to steal it:

In Part 2, mild-mannered Stan assumes the alter ego of Vaddio Man and goes in pursuit:

In Part 3, Vaddio Man confronts his enemies. Will his mission succeed? And will his opponents’ inferior CCTV cameras make his escape easier?

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