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Vaddio launches Squiggle IP

Andrew Brister 4 May 2011
Vaddio launches Squiggle IP

Vaddio has launched what is claimed to be the world’s first remote streaming video whiteboard. By adding Vaddio’s new Squiggle IP software module, the existing Squiggle Video Whiteboard Systems can now stream live video to any computer browser that supports OSX, Windows or Linux operating systems. In addition to live streaming, Squiggle IP enables remote image capture and end-user/administrator controls. These functions are accessible by any computer browser, as well as any iOS or Android portable device.

“Squiggle IP allows remote sites to view the Squiggle Board from anywhere,” explains Vaddio president, Rob Sheeley. “Imagine you are on an audio conference call with four remote sites and want to share your whiteboard notes with all participants.” With Vaddio’s new Squiggle IP you can. “Network Capture, another major enhancement, allows end-users the option of capturing whiteboard notes and not only saving them to a Flash drive, but anywhere on your local area network.”

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