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Vaddio Hot-Shot preset camera controller designed for lecture capture systems

Andrew Brister 3 September 2012
Vaddio Hot-Shot preset camera controller designed for lecture capture systems

Vaddio’s Hot-Shot is a low-cost camera preset control system for Vaddio ClearView HD PTZ cameras in the education sector. Vaddio, supplier of robotic PTZ cameras and specialty camera control systems, has launched a new unit for camera control in the classroom with the newly redesigned Hot-Shot Camera Controller. By adding control for Vaddio’s ClearVIEW HD-Series PTZ cameras, the Hot-Shot now meets both the technical and affordability requirements that today’s higher education professionals demand.   “As the leader in camera control systems for education, we were given the challenge to provide a simple-to-use, low-cost single camera control system that could be deployed in not just one, but all classrooms equipped with lecture capture systems,” explained CEO of Vaddio, Rob Sheeley. “The Hot-Shot Camera Controller provides completely automated preset camera control for less than $1,000. Now schools can afford to have camera control in every classroom across campus.” The Hot-Shot can control any of the Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-Series of PTZ Cameras and will support up to 16 presets. It’s used in conjunction with Vaddio’s preset trigger devices including the MicView Mic Mixer/Switcher, StepView Mats, AutoView IR sensors, PresenterPod and TouchView. Triggering one of these devices will automatically send commands through the Hot-Shot to move the camera to a specified preset (wide-shot, lectern, whiteboard, etc.) When used with Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-Series cameras, setting a trigger also stores a preset inside the camera, creating a true low-cost single-camera lecture capture solution.

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