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Vaddio enhances ClearVIEW HD-20 PTZ camera

Andrew Brister 10 August 2011
Vaddio enhances ClearVIEW HD-20 PTZ camera

Rapid adoption of Vaddio HD-20 cameras prompts AV and broadcast equipment compatibility enhancements. Features include additional resolutions, improved communication speed and additional colour space option.

Vaddio has announced several enhanced features to the HD-20 PTZ camera that include additional resolutions, improved communication speed and an additional colour space option for increased compatibility with third-party video equipment.

“Due to the overwhelming demand and positive response for the HD-20 cameras, our dealers and integrators have been clamouring for us to add more legacy support for older AV and broadcast video standards,” explained Rob Sheeley, president of Vaddio. “By adding more video resolutions and sRGB support we now give our dealers and integrators the ability to integrate the HD-20 PTZ cameras into more applications and projects.”

Resolutions now include HDMI or HD analog component video resolutions of 1080i at 59.94Hz fields/s (drop frame – DF) and 60Hz fields/s (non – drop frame – NDF) as well as 720p resolutions at 59.94Hz frames/s DF and 60Hz frames/s NDF. The inclusion of both rates of 59.94Hz and 60Hz ensure compatibility with an even more extensive range of AV presentation gear, videoconferencing codecs and broadcast equipment.

Because the HD-20 is capable of being directly controlled (RS-232) by the leading videoconferencing codecs, the communication protocol has been streamlined, resulting in faster communication and response times.

The existing HDMI digital video output includes the YCbCr colour space as defined by the ITU-R BT.601-5 and ITU-R BT.709-5 standards. In order to increase compatibility with older data monitors and video equipment, the sRGB colour space has been added (originally created by HP and Microsoft in 1996). Colour spaces can be selected with a simple dip switch setting.

These key enhancements are aimed at improving both performance and compatibility when integrating with third-party video equipment.

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