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Updated audio scheduling system to debut at ISE

David Davies 17 January 2011
Updated audio scheduling system to debut at ISE

New features and enhancements have been built into v3.0 of the Schedulon mp3 playback and recording system, which was developed by Technomad.

Developed to give PA system operators the freedom to schedule automatic playback of audio files in a wide variety of contexts, Schedulon was introduced in its original version back in 2008.

For its latest incarnation, Technomad has improved the automatic playback functionality, allowing operators to create tighter user-defined playback schedules based on an internal clock or synchronised network time server. A ‘nearly 200%’ increase in data transfer speed improves file upload times, while a more intuitive user interface is said to enhance schedule building/creation and remote content management. User-protection and operator access features have also been improved through multiple password levels for administrators and general system operators.

In addition to mp3 file support, Schedulon v3.0 is the first version to able to record and play back WAV format audio. The unit’s 2GB of storage can be expanded via low-cost, non-proprietary storage mediums, including USB sticks.

Features retained from previous Schedulon versions include an internal power back-up option that provides up to 20 minutes of battery-powered operation.

Rodger von Kries, vice-president of Technomad, told IE: "As the Schedulon user base has expanded, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on what additional features customers wanted.  The ability to schedule a playback event to the second was needed for some of our public address customers in order to provide accurate messaging. Facilities management users wanted the ability to have different levels of users access to differentiate between standard operators and administrators. Themed entertainment customers requested WAV file capability which we’ve added. Generally, A/V integrators and customers expect a greater and greater level of control of equipment and Technomad has tried to respond to the expectation. "

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