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Unlimited HD-SDI distribution with ZeeVee HDbridge

Installation Staff 2 February 2015
Unlimited HD-SDI distribution with ZeeVee HDbridge

The new headend-ready, dual-channel ZeeVee HDbridge 2920 can distribute HD-SDI video to an unlimited number of HD or digital signage displays over existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

It is claimed to provide a combination of superior video quality and mission critical reliability, as well as Dolby Digital Audio compatibility, full MPEG2 implementation and low latency, for video distribution in broadcast studios, security rooms and large venue applications. It shares a unified architecture with other HDbridge 2000-series products to make it easier and more affordable to deploy.

“Broadcast-quality HD-SDI video can now be deployed faster over coaxial infrastructure,” said Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee. “We want commercial installers to have the flexibility to add more channels and a wider gamut of input options for video encoding with our HDbridge 2000-series solutions. Our new 2920 model is made in America and is the latest in a series of solutions working towards our vision of accessible and affordable video distribution.”

The ease of configuration and management is possible from a single point thanks to ZeeVee’s Maestro browser-based software interface, which automatically recognises all ZeeVee products in the headend. For the HDbridge 2920, Maestro configures the encoding and modulation of the HD-SDI sources along with all other ZeeVee generated video sources to distribute a full continuum of data streams over the same coaxial wire.

Stand: 10-N149

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