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Onelan upgrades visual comms at the University of Greenwich

Duncan Proctor 10 July 2015
Onelan upgrades visual comms at the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich has upgraded its visual communications moving to a Onelan digital signage system and away from traditional printed posters and leaflets.

The University’s Service Development and Communications team realised a digital signage system would be a more effective way of circulating visual information across its three campuses in South-East London and North Kent.

A Onelan CMS and 4K player that drives a 3 x 2 videowall in the main reception in Greenwich was selected, with the system being tested and gradually rolled out across the university. Different zones display travel information, students’ work and event information. Within the building there are also two other screens showing department specific information, and will in future be able to show data extracted from the university’s website.

“For a number of years the University of Greenwich has ‘dabbled’ in digital signage with various departments providing their own different solutions. With the creation of the Service Development & Communications Team (SD&C Team) the University now has the expertise and drive to develop a single community-wide digital signage solution. In its brief to develop new technologies for the University, the team have looked at a number of different solutions, from open source to high end, costly systems.

“We were pleasantly surprised and indeed impressed when we came across Onelan/OneMedia. The browser based CMS while easy to navigate is powerful enough to manage multiple players in diverse locations, reducing the need for a physical presence near the displays. Another crucial feature is the ability to devolve content management to various members of a digital signage team.

“Put these powerful features together with OneMedia who specialise in content creation for videowalls, signage and bespoke UI and Touch Interactive solutions and you have an extremely powerful and flexible communications tool limited only by imagination. We are confident that by upgrading from traditional messaging systems to digital displays we will be able to engage more effectively with our staff and students, and promote a sense of community.

“We are excited to have Onelan products on board and as a team look forward to developing our University wide digital signage solution.”

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