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Universal Electronics releases NevoStudio Pro 3.0

test 28 April 2010

The new software suite simplifies integration of the Nevo S70 (pictured) and NevoQ50 controllers. The latest addition to the Nevo range – which is distributed in the UK by Armour Home – includes two-way .Nevo plug-in modules “for seamless and efficient home integration”, as well as an intuitive wizard-driven interface for easy customisation.

Initial .Nevo Plug-ins will be available for Imerge, iPort, Kaleidescape and Sonos, with more to become available for free download from the My Nevo site (link below).

Other features of the new suite include: a building-block workspace that allows users to create widgets to send commands and receive feedback for “practically anything”; direct control of network-enabled devices like media servers, IP cameras and AV receivers; scheduled macros to be executed at a certain date and time; the ability to locate device commands and errors easily with the new ‘find in job’ search feature; Enhanced SuperFast Device Swap for “more flexibility and convenience”; and Global Flags to make macros even more powerful.

Em Klaver, VP of custom install business unit at Nevo brand owner Universal Electronics, commented: “The competitive custom installation market demands continual innovation and improvement in both the customer and the installer experience. As technology evolves, the need to quickly and simply access the different forms of entertainment media increases dramatically. NevoStudio Pro 3.0 further builds on a tradition of providing professional installers [with] the tools they need to implement features their customers will appreciate.”

Steve Adams, CI brand manager at Armour Home, added: “This has taken the Nevo Pro series controllers to the next level, giving the installer the ability to integrate and control virtually any piece of equipment. The two-way plug-ins developed are simply drag and drop and give a rich environment in which to control the device. The Sonos plug-in in my opinion is class-leading among handheld universal controllers, giving thumbnail album art while browsing, control of internet radio and the ability [to] group and ungroup Sonos zones on the fly.”

The NevoStudio Pro 3.0 – available now – comes with the purchase of any Nevo Pro Series Controller and is also available to custom electronics dealers via download at the first link below.

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