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Unique Automation’s multitouch bathroom controllers

Paddy Baker 5 February 2015
Unique Automation's multitouch bathroom controllers

Three multitouch controller products, based on a ‘3D touch’ design, are offering what Unique Automation calls a new direction in bathroom automation and waterproof installations. The form factor is around the size and shape of a hockey puck (74mm in diameter and 18mm deep), is completely waterproof and of a solid glass construction.

The 3D touch control allows up to five fingers to slide around the edge of the interface, moving clockwise or counter-clockwise for control of temperature, water flow and other parameters.

The iShower 3D device can thus control up to four water outlets with precision and can store up to 15 presets. It has a total output of 100l per minute, with individual flow and temperature control applied to each outlet when needed.  Unique Automation says iShower 3D is simple to install, as it sticks to the wall without the need of a back box.

Combining the 3D touch interface with a digital water mixer and motorised drain, the Bathomatic 3D device fills a bath according to a program and prevents overflowing and unnecessary waste of water and energy.

The function touchbuttons on the face take users directly to depth, temperature or presets for both, while with the 3D rotary slider they can alter their values if needed. It also offers the option of following changes in body weight to adjust the depth of the bath accordingly.

Also based on the waterproof glass form factor, the WoW Switch 3D is a marine-grade solid-state touchpanel designed for installers. With a colour OLED display and built-in temperature and light sensor, it can respond to ten freely programmable buttons on the face, a rotary side slider and X and Y linear sliders on the button active area. It supports ZigBee wireless and is compatible with most Home Automation Systems on RS485 and LAN.

Stand: 5-S105

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