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Union Uni rebuilds with help from Technomad

David Davies 13 October 2010
Union Uni rebuilds with help from Technomad

Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, is nearing completion of a major rebuilding project necessitated by a devastating tornado strike last year.

The tornado caused more than $40 million worth of damage, although, fortunately, no was killed. Contractors worked around the clock to repair both residential and academic facilities, with the new building constructed to Hurricane Strength standards and including designated ‘Safe Rooms’.

The new facilities include an extensive complement of Technomad loudspeakers. At two open-air areas connected to the new Bowld Student Commons Building, Technomad Vernal weatherproof loudspeakers deliver high-quality background music to students as they relax and socialise, with Technomad PowerChiton amplifiers driving the system and providing stereo inputs for iPods, MP3 devices and CD players.

Josh Simmons, media support specialist at Union University, commented: “Technomad offered a comprehensive weatherproof audio system with great audio quality, which is exactly what we needed to withstand the outdoor environment. Our staff desired to keep the operation of the patio systems simple. We looked [at] a lot of options, but ultimately, the PowerChiton amplifiers together with the Technomad Vernal speakers were the perfect choice. Our system has turned out better than I could have ever expected.”

AV systems specified for the indoor areas of the Student Commons Building include Panasonic projectors, Document cameras and DVD playback systems, a Yamaha mixer, Shure wireless microphones, and a Tascam CD player and iPod dock.

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