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Unification for wireless access points from Pakedge

Jo Ruddock 29 January 2013
Unification for wireless access points from Pakedge

The Pakedge W5N2 and its companion CTL-W5N Wireless Virtualization Management Controller are said to provide an extremely reliable Wi-Fi roaming solution. The W5N2 and CTL-W5N use Residential Virtual Cell Technology to link the operation of all the wireless access points in a network together so that they all appear as a single wireless access point to a device (client), even though many wireless access points are installed.

The result, says Pakedge, is uninterrupted roaming over the entire home network. With Residential Virtual Cell Technology the device always ‘sees’ a single WAP and never has to initiate a handoff, as would happen with conventional Wi-Fi systems.

Designed to be easy to install, the W5N2 is pre-configured for use with the CTL-W5N and Pakedge routers and VLAN (virtual local area network) switch solutions. If additional W5N2s are plugged into the network, they will automatically be preconfigured.

Stand: 5-U115

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