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Unicol scales mounting range

test 5 February 2010
Unicol scales mounting range

LCD, plasma and projector mounting solution provider Unicol exhibited an array of products at ISE 2010, including a new portable stand – the Axia Titan – that will support all large format screens, including 103-inch and 108-inch models.

Mast height is either 150cm or 200cm, and a new version launched at the show that powers the screen up and down. Max load capacity is 300kg.

Unicol also exhibited: the Excalibur, billed as "probably the thinnest mount in the world" at only 7.5mm from the rear of the screen to the wall; a suitably thin trolley that complements it; and the ScreenTrac modular track system for linear wall mounting of flatscreens in any number.

Speaking during the show, European sales manager John Knight (pictured here with the Axia Titan) found ISE 2010 to be "very positive. We’re getting more questions from visitors and those questions are more in-depth, too."

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