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Underwater LED lighting company launches new line

test 30 September 2009

OceanLED has introduced a new interior and exterior lighting range, LIET, for yachts, writes David Davies. According to the developer, the new range – which at launch includes LIET3 and LIET6 – ensures that “100% LED lighting for yachts is now a reality”.

LIET3 and LIET6 both feature “spectacular” brightness, stylish bezel designs, a range of unique colour correcting filters, and “unrivalled efficiency” when compared to standard halogen bulbs and current leading LED competitor products. Each light in the range has been designed with a 60-degree beam and is housed in a 9mm thick polymer body.

The desire to achieve correct colour temperature of the light produced led OceanLED to devise three LED colour temperature options and a range of colour corrction filters, which are designed to subtly shift the hue to suit certain environments.

The lights are also said to boast an “immense amount of power”. For example, the LIET6’s LEDs consume 5.3W in total, but deliver 584 Lumens in the first stage output prior to secondary stage collimated magnification via T.I.R. (total internal reflection), boosting peak intensity by over 500%.

LIET3 and LIET6 are available in both surface and fully recessed models available in soft white, bright white and daylight with a range of optional colour correcting filters and antiglare honeycomb baffle to discreetly conceal the lighting unit.

OceanLED’s Nigel Savage told IER: “LIET6 at 5.3W consumption out-performs a GU10 50W halogen; it will now be possible to illuminate a medium sized four bedroom house with less than 200W. OceanLED is proving that 100% LED lighting in the architectural market is now a reality.”

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