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UK availability for Stealth Acoustics’ ‘invisible’ in-wall speakers

test 12 March 2010

The manufacturer claims that its full-range ‘invisible’ loudspeakers are “set to change the way consumers approach sound”. Distributed exclusively in the UK by Habitech, the Stealth range features speaker panels that utilise a unique invisible acoustic three-layer composite material incorporating two layers of high-grade graphics paper with a foam centre for the speaker face.

Acoustic transparency, notes the manufacturer, is achieved via a unique milling process. The face of the speaker is fixed flush with the wall and finished with plaster, ahead of matching the room with paint. Front panels are mechanically isolated from the surrounding wall so as to prevent the cracking of wallpaper and paint.

In total, the Stealth range includes multiple speakers and one subwoofer: the AX3 is a line of full-range, three-way systems utilising three high-power neodymium motors and an 8in conventional woofer; the FX8 two-way 8in and FX6 two-way 6in speakers; the STX8 single-panel stereo system, which is said to be ideal for multi-room audio in bathrooms or smaller spaces like hallways; and the B1630 two-panel, 2x8in woofer-invisible subwoofer system.

Stealth also offers the B255R subwoofer amplifier, as well as a complete 5.2 surround sound system priced at £5,869 and comprising three AX3s, two FX8s, two B1630s and a B255R.

Habitech’s Jonathan Pengilley commented: “Stealth is by far the best solution available for in-wall loudspeakers. If you want to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home but don’t want to compromise on sound, you cannot specify a better range of invisible in-wall loudspeakers.”

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