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Uebo announces new media player

David Davies 6 October 2010
Uebo announces new media player

Available now in the UK, the M200 allows consumers to watch online video, catch-up TV and other digital video on TV using a simple set-top box. Freeing users from the limitations of viewing content on laptops, the Uebo M200 Media Player offers compatibility with leading media server providers, including PlayOn and TVersity.

Features of the M200 include: the ability to search the device for content on the Internet and a home network, as well as items from USB drives; an optional internal hard drive for storage of media content (up to 2TB) that can also be used as a network attached storage device; a built-in BitTorrent facility for the sharing of files and direct data downloading; playback of videos from a camcorder and photos from a digital camera; and ease of use and configuration.

Niall Smith, Uebo’s sales director for Europe, commented: “The M200 offers an unparalleled user experience. It’s quick to set-up, inexpensive and uses less power than the PC – and it connects directly to your TV. With easy access to your favourite catch-up TV channels, we think that this box will prove to be a winner with British customers.”

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