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TV One granted patent for CORIO3

Paddy Baker 10 June 2011
TV One granted patent for CORIO3

TV One has been granted a UK patent on its CORIO3 video processing technology, which is to debut at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando, Florida on 15-17 June. US and international patents, currently pending, are expected soon.

TV One describes CORIO3 as a radically new approach to video scaling; new features include simultaneous multiple image processing, real-time 360° rotation (independent for all PIPs and outputs), and image warping to allow off-axis and curved screen projection. These are in addition to all standard features previously present in CORIO2, such as any resolution or format in or out, up/down/cross conversion, video wall processing, edge blending, windowing and multiviewing. With CORIO3, all of these functions can take place simultaneously with a maximum of two frames’ delay.

CORIO3 technology enables a single product to combine the functions of numerous pieces of equipment, such as routers, seamless switchers, multi-viewers, video wall processors, edge blenders, image rotators and image warpers. This, says TV One, has significant implications for environmental responsibility, as power consumption can be reduced by up to 90%. Licensing agreements will enable other manufacturers to make use of the technology.

TV One will demonstrate the first CORIO3 based multi-function product, called CORIOmaster (pictured), at InfoComm 2011.

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