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Tripleplay digital signage and IPTV at innovative Glasgow leisure facility

Paddy Baker 30 April 2015
The Experience Tripleplay

Tripleplay digital signage and IPTV have been implemented at charitable entertainment, conference and leisure venue The Experience in Glasgow, installed by authorised reseller Scotia UK.

The innovative venue has set out to provide an enjoyable working environment for school leavers with a firm focus on teaching hospitality skills, customer service and cooking.

With on-site restaurants, cafes, conference facilities, electric go-karting and many other activities, The Experience needed a digital signage solution that could cater for a number of areas of the business, providing appropriate promotional and TV content for all areas of operation.

Tripleplay sales manager Tim Hoddy commented: “The Experience is a great venue, they’re a philanthropic business trying to give something back to the local community in Glasgow. They have invested well in a very nice facility and is a great addition to the entertainment, leisure and tourism industry in Scotland.

“We’re really happy The Experience chose to work with Scotia and Tripleplay to provide a digital signage and IPTV solution and we are really look forward to supporting them in their future growth.”

In total The Experience has deployed 14 digital signage screens, each with the ability to deliver live TV content as well, ensuring the screens remain current and engaging.


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