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TOA debuts new kit

Andy Stout 1 February 2010
TOA debuts new kit

TOA is at ISE this year with a multi-function mixer/matrix, the D-200 series, and a new range of line array speakers, the Type C.

The TOA D-2000 series is an all-in-one digital audio mixing system that combines the functions of auto mixing, matrix switching, and signal processing.

While the system’s table-mounted remote console unit boasts an exceptionally small footprint, the D-2000 can be expanded to comprise up to four rack processing units for up to 128 I/O.

CobraNet compatibility means the processing modules can be connected to a LAN for remote operation, while the D-2000 also provides interfaces directly with AMX and Crestron control protocols, so that it can be integrated into multimedia conferencing and presentation systems.

According to TOA, a wide range of input, output and control modules is available for each rackmounted processing unit, including mono or stereo analogue microphone inputs, analogue and digital inputs and outputs, and VCA modules for connection to an optional VCA control unit.

European visitors are getting their first chance to see TOA’s all new Type C line array loudspeaker system at this ISE. Based around phase wavefront control technology for superior audio clarity and uniform sound dispersion, TOA’s all new Type C line array loudspeaker system offers a choice of 15in and 5in vertical dispersion angle modules, together with a 15in subwoofer enclosure for low-end reinforcement.

Different modules can be combined for applications where a combination of short- and long-throw coverage is required, while all three boxes are also available as IPX4-rated splash-proof enclosures.

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