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THX study – calibration improves HDTV energy efficiency

test 21 October 2009

The cinema technology specialist’s study shows that pro-video calibration can improve HDTV energy efficiency by up to 50%. The report – which evaluated plasma and LCD HDTV performance – revealed that a correctly calibrated viewing mode consumes less energy than Vivid and Dynamic modes.


The impact on energy efficiency of professional video calibration – which is carried out primarily in order to improve the display’s picture quality – depends on the display’s technology platform, screen size and model year.


THX director of education John Dahl commented: "Newer HDTV models are using less energy than ever before as a result of advances in panel manufacturing. While the US Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR standard is driving manufacturers to reduce on-mode energy consumption, both new and older plasma and LCD HDTVs will experience additional energy savings as a result of professional video calibration."








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