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Thomas Zangerle, German Speakers Association

Jo Ruddock 23 January 2012
Thomas Zangerle, German Speakers Association

A prominent member of the German Speakers Association (GSA), the leading association of professional speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Thomas Zangerle currently works as a product manager at ISE exhibitor WolfVision. Having access to state-of-the-art presentation technology has contributed to his natural interest in improving communication by adopting scientific examples and experiences as best practice. For WolfVision, Thomas has taken care of corporate and partner training for the past five years, and this experience makes him the perfect candidate to deliver InfoComm International’s class ‘Proven Presentation Techniques – How to Create Interest, Enhance Retention, and Captivate Your Audience’. Scheduled for 10:00 on Wednesday 1 February, his workshop will show delegates how they can transform they ideas into convincing interactive presentations. The most important elements of successful presentations, training sessions and meetings are straightforward to name, but not always quite so easy to implement. It’s essential for the presenter to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, to present effectively, create interest, encourage excitement and captivate participants. In this training session Thomas Zangerle will offer background information, based on scientific research, about improving communication techniques and about the workings of the human brain. He will also offer examples of best practices, effective communication, and presentation designs, all of which contribute to the creation of long-lasting impressions. Click here to see InfoComm International’s ISE education offering in full, and book the sessions of your choice online. 

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