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The Wallee comes to the UK

David Davies 2 November 2010
The Wallee comes to the UK

ControlFX has announced the imminent UK availability of The Wallee, a wall-mounting solution for use with the iPad.

Featuring a sleek and simple hard case that is available in five different colours, The Wallee was developed by a team of five Australians who, upon purchasing their iPads, released that they had “uncontrollable urges” to hang their devices in a variety of locations: kitchen, office, hallway, bathroom.

Accordingly, they set about developing The Wallee, which features two key parts: a hard case that has a cross-shaped hole in the back, and a complementary x-shaped dock onto which the iPad can slide. A simple turn and click locks the iPad into position; a further turn and click unlocks the device along with its hard protective shell.

Andy Lloyd, MD of ControlFX, commented “The Wallee is an incredibly simple and near-perfect implementation of something the UK market has been waiting for since the first iPads started arriving from the US. It’s stylish, easy to install, and it’s a great accessory that really does enhance the iPad when its wall mounted. We are delighted to be the first home control solutions provider to bring The Wallee to the UK market.”

The Wallee will retail at £39.95. Wall-plates can be purchased individually to provide mounting options wherever they are required.

Lloyd told IE Residential that he believes The Wallee will be popular with UK custom installers who are seeking a cost-effective way of wall-mounting an iPad. In addition, “with an ever-increasing migration over to the iPad as a powerful touch screen controller, dealers will be naturally adopting products like The Wallee to complete their control solution, and I think it will be a huge success in the UK market.”

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